This post lists the shortcuts available in Relaxing Clock. It will be updated alongside the app. Some shortcuts will be shown on screen while so they might no be present in this article.

Quick-launch for the “Command box”

Alt + R: Create a reminder
Alt + T: Search a song in Spotify
Alt + M: Search a playlist in Spotify
Alt + L: Search all matching the query in Spotify
Alt + Shift + P: Create a new pinned message
Alt + A: Set the alarm


Space, anywhere in the app: Play/Pause the current song

While you are searching for a song

Ctrl + Enter: Adds the selected song to the queue
Ctrl + Shift + Enter: Plays the selected song immediately, but doesn’t break the queue (like if you are playing an album the next song after the one you select will be a song of the album)


  • Swipe horizonally, if you have a trackpad, to switch the style of the clock
  • Long press the hours number to make it grow!
    PS: you can see it shaking when you hover it.
  • Right click on the hours number to change its color!

Watch the DOTS!

If you see a colored DOT under the clock, hover on it to see what is going on. They indicate an incoming event, a running timer or a pending alarm.
You can click on them, and they will bring you to the correct spot.